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This beautiful cue has a grey stained curly maple forearm with a 4 prong cherry stained curly maple grip and butt sleeve; with interwoven butterfly points with double black and pale veneers that run all the way to the butt cap.
With 2 sets of cherry and black trim rings and a grey stained maple ring located at the butt cap.

This cue features Buffalo's interchangeable single wooden joint system, which produces a soft hit.

For cadre / libre: <490 grams = 11mm tip.
For 3-cushion: >500 grams = 12mm tip.

Bumper Noise Subduing Rubber
Net weight 500 Grams
Butt Cap Composite
Pommerans Moori
Lacquer High Gloss Ultra Smooth UV Finish
Grip Curly Maple
Balance Front
Shaft Canadian Maple (AA Quality)
Tip size 11-12 mm
Weights 470-530 gr
Joint Screw Buffalo Single Wooden System
Joint Maximum Contact
Ferrule High Impact Ivorine

Buffalo Premium #2 Carom Cue

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