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This beautiful cue has a grey stained birds-eye maple forearm, grip and butt sleeve; with 4 interwoven butterfly points with double black and pale veneers that run all the way to the butt cap.
With 2 thin silver nickel trim rings located at the joint collar and at the butt cap.

This cue features Buffalo's interchangeable single wooden joint system, which produces a soft hit.

For cadre / libre: <490 grams = 11mm tip.
For 3-cushion: >500 grams = 12mm tip.

Bumper Noise Subduing Rubber
Net weight 500 Grams
Butt Cap Composite
Pommerans Moori
Lacquer High Gloss Ultra Smooth UV Finish
Grip Birds-eye Maple
Balance Front
Shaft Canadian Maple (AA Quality)
Tip size 11-12 mm
Weights 470-530 gr
Joint Screw Buffalo Single Wooden System
Joint Maximum Contact
Ferrule High Impact Ivorine

Buffalo Premium #5 Carom Cue

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