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Thunder is the first cue made by Longoni for the several time French champion Pierre Soumagne,recently entered in the Longoni team.
Totally produced in curly and bds maple maple in gray colour, has a unique handle in duo tone.
All the inlays are made of shiny acrylic shell. Available in two version: one with Pro shafts ( for libre game ) and a second one with a choice of Stratos laminated shafts ( S2 or S3, for 3 cushions game ).

Used woods: bds and curly maple, hornbeam

24666 Pro67 Shafts for Libre
24670 S3-E71 Shafts for Carom 3C

Including: Longoni Cue Bag, Joint Protectors, Certificate & Serial Number

Butt Min Weight: 360gr
Shafts: Two

Longoni Thunder Carom Cue by Pierre Soumagne

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